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Stylized Bird Heads
Stylized Bird Heads

For the last few weeks I got a chance to work on an amazing project for LUMO Interactive.I developed head masks for their photo booth app.

The photo booth app is an augmented reality experience that replaces a visitor's head with a 3D head of an animal, object, or brand character. LUMO provided me with a wishlist, and I chose to do birds because I had a few ideas of how to make them look interesting, and because I miss being outside and seeing birds. The app includes a working photo printer, so visitors can take a picture of themselves with a bird head, and their actual face is inset on the picture. Augmented reality photo booth apps are a great way to deliver brand messaging in retail environments and at events.

The project consisted of following stages: concept art (rough draft + color) in Procreate, Models in Maya (I sculpted them in Zbrush first and then did retopology in Maya), textures in Substance painter and animation in Maya.

I have learned how to create stylized materials, how to do blend shapes and simple rigs for animation, and I had a lot of fun with my silly little birds!  I gave each one a personality so they are more interesting to look at and I am very excited and happy to see them being used in the app :)

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